One of the issues constantly on the minds of our customers is the green house gas regulations affecting the trucking industry from the California Air Resources Board. For small fleets that don’t warrant a full time fleet manager who can wade through the issues, the regulations can be particularly daunting. One bright spot amongst the overbearing regulations affecting in use on-road diesel vehicles is a phase in exception for fleets with 21 or fewer units. According to Yvonne Sanchez of CARB, “If smaller fleets submit a phase-in plan for their equipment to us by July 1, 2012, they can have until July 1, 2017 to achieve full compliance with the [Green House Gas] rule.” CARB compliance will certainly bring a negative economic impact to businesses utilizing diesel trucks. One small step we can all take to mitigate these excessive costs and send a clear message to CARB that its regulations put an overwhelming and unwanted economic burden on California business is a YES vote on Proposition 23 on November 2nd. Proposition 23 aims to roll back the CA legislature’s so called “Global Warming Solutions Act” and will help to restore some balance to the business climate in California as it relates to CARB regulations. For more information on this topic as it relates to your fleet follow the following link: http:/

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