Managed Mobile’s team consists of professionally trained and certified technicians operating over 30 fully equipped service vehicles and a staff of fleet service coordinators managing and scheduling the maintenance needs for every customer.  Our mission is simple: Safe, Compliant, Reliable Fleets.  Every team member, from technicians to service coordinators, are tasked and responsible to deliver daily on this mission for our customers.

Our senior management team boasts over 100 years combined experience in the fleet maintenance industry and leverages a culture of teamwork, training, and the latest in technology and innovation, to position Managed Mobile for the future.  In addition, our service technicians engage in ongoing training and development to keep pace with the complexity and technology required to maintain today’s fleet vehicles.


Managed Mobile’s business model is built on long term relationships with our customers.  Fleet maintenance is not an ad hoc endeavor, i.e. “call us when you need us.”  Rather, it’s based on evaluating the fleet maintenance needs of each customer, evaluating the use and application of their vehicles, and developing a Fleet Service Plan (FSP) which addresses those needs.  A FSP includes a program for preventative maintenance, BIT/DOT Inspections, Smoke Opacity Testing, repairs, emergency roadside breakdown service, and complete maintenance management.  Once it’s crafted, Managed Mobile’s team of fleet professionals implement and execute a FSP for your fleet.


We’ve been delivering on our mission for nearly 20 years because we’re anchored by our core values: Honesty and Professionalism, no matter what!  The quality, character and professionalism of our people gives customers confidence that we always strive to do things right and at a high level.  Further, customers also have confidence knowing if we ever come up short, Managed Mobile will be committed to striving relentlessly to make it right.

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We are the superior brand for mobile fleet maintenance, roadside assistance, truck inspections, truck repair, and preventative maintenance in California. We currently provide service to more than 450 commercial fleets in LA County, Orange County, the Inland Empire (San Bernardino, Riverside Counties), and servicing Northern California in Sacramento.


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